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The El Terreno "Bellver" Neighbourhood Association was founded in 1979 for the purpose, according to what is drawn up in the original document, of: "Defending the General Interests of the Residents" and one of its principal lines as laid down is: "the co-operation of the residents of the area in order to achieve its social objectives."

Likewise, in the 2nd article, 2.6, it states exactly: "an essential purpose of the Association is to change the image of "El Terreno" as far as places of leisure and entertainment are concerned, which affect its particular characteristics and its history, thus contributing to the recovery of its original identity."

At the time of iniciating this web page, more than 35 years have passed since the founding of the Association and the residents of El Terreno continue directing their efforts towards the same objective.

Over the years the district of El Terreno has suffered from oblivion, rejection, neglect and the lack of investment by the Town Councils (of whatever political party) that have governed in the Town Hall. The residents of our district have proposed that by means of constant complaint and discussion we change this situation since we consider that a city is not just a district, a city is the whole of its territory; all the residents of Palma contribute by the payment of their taxes towards the maintenance of its infrastructures, towards the normal improvement projects and to the study of future plans which are necessary for an adequate scheme of pressing needs in the medium to long term.

Since everybody contributes with their taxes, it is not fair that investment is concentrated in selected areas to the detriment of others, as is the case with our district. With the force of our legitimate discussions, with everyone united, without weakening before the infuriating bureaucracy that any negotiation entails, the residents have decided to put an end to what we have suffered and lived through.

For the purpose of achieving our long awaited aim, groups of residents are forming work teams who will be in charge of areas and specific tasks but whose extent and topics must be amplified and developed. We hope that in the near future we will count on more residents who will cooperate according to their possibilities to these teams and also form new ones, contributing part of their free time or joining the groups that deal with topics of their particular interest.

We have within our reach to bring about and achieve a wonderful district, we must forget about being only a district of memories. We must get going with determination, towards the future.